Water Fire Damage Restoration , Mold Testing, Emergency Service West Wendover, NV.

Water Fire Damage Restoration , Mold Testing, Emergency Service West Wendover, NV.

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Restoration specialists offer expert restoration services to property owners in and around West Wendover for homes and commercial buildings damaged by water, sewage, mold or fire. Our professionally trained technicians have the knowledge, skills and resources to restore any property to the condition it was in before disaster struck.

WATER REMOVAL in West Wendover, NV.

Our technicians use the latest equipment and techniques to extract every bit of moisture from all types of materials. Water has devastating results on property and if leWest Wendover to sit can pose a threat to human health. The best way to protect your investment, is to contact the professionals who know what to do. We provide an immediate response to your call allowing us to minimize your losses and prevent further damage from occurring.

Water damage can compromise the structural integrity of any building and has the potential to cause fractures of material making up the foundation. Excess moisture provides the perfect breeding ground for dangerous mold, which can cause lung infections, asthma, skin and eye irritation and in the most extreme cases, death.

Property owners in West Wendover are especially vulnerable to flood caused by severe weather and dam or levee failures. If your property suffers a flood, you need an immediate response from professionals with the expertise necessary to restore your home or business.

Reasons to make your first call to the experts in West Wendover Lauderdale Restoration:

We provide 24/7 emergency response to minimize your damages

Our professionally trained technicians will arrive immediately

We employ technicians who are professional certified to remove mold.

We are fully bonded, insured and licensed

MOLD REMEDIATION in West Wendover, NV.

Flooding in West Wendover


Mold can grow in a home as a result of Flooding or some other problem. Clogged sewer drains, broken water pipes and roof leaks create an environment where mold thrives. When unchecked, mold spores grow out of control and become hazardous to human health. Individuals living in an environment with mold can develop fungal infections, chronic respiratory ailments or mycotoxin toxicity, which can be fatal.

Professional technicians understand the importance of containing a mold infestation and eliminating it at its source. Isolating areas of contamination reduces the airborne spread of mold spores.

Certified technicians can identify areas of contamination and have special equipment to measure the level of saturation to determine if mold has reached levels that cause concern. Learn more about mold remediation.

West Wendovering can cause devastating damage to any property but homeowners have to worry about more than just Floods. According to the U.S. Fire Department, fire can cause more than $3 billion in damages a year. Flames, extreme heat and smoke combine to destroy anything in their paths. Smoke consists of tiny particles and gas from unburned fuel. As the particles cool, they give off a strong odor and leave a filmy residue on all surfaces.

West Wendover restoration professionals can identify the different types of smoke residue created by fire damage. We can take care of the following problems:

Strong, sticky and smelly wet smoke residue

Powdery dry smoke residue

The nearly invisible but extremely smelly protein residue that has the potential to tarnish varnish and paint.

Soot from fuel oil

Other types of residue, including fire extinguisher foam, fingerprint powder, and tear gas

Mold Removal in West Wendover, NV.


If you are a property owner or tenant, and your home has been invaded by mold, you ought to get in touch with a professional mold cleaning company to come to your assistance in eliminating the problem. Mold can result to a number of complications for landlords and other property owners. It can particularly negatively affect the health of the elderly and the younger children. Popular health issues resulting from prolonged exposure to toxic mold include dizziness, fatigue, headaches and problems in the respiratory system.

Professional Mold removal organizations in West Wendover, NV.

The team will provide a viable solution to the mold problem in your property. The process kicks off with laboratory tests to ascertain the mold type and the quantity in question. Cleanup companies have the ability to work with haste to determine the extent of the problem albeit in commercial or residential areas. They will also help you in understanding the extent of the problem you are facing.

Preventing Contamination in West Wendover, NV.

A possible scenario in unprofessional mold removal is the spread of the mold to areas that initially had no mold. This can be avoided by use of professional services. The importance of prevention of contaminating otherwise mold-free areas of the house and treating the cause of the problem cannot be overestimated. Mold spores are identified and eliminated to avoid spread especially given the airborne nature of the spores.

Health problems from mold in West Wendover, NV.

It is good to note that once the premise is contaminated with mold, nothing or no one is safe from the effects. This is mainly due to the airborne nature of the spores. The spores are usually microscopic and can also be transferred through water. Mold spores are notorious for initiating a number of problems for property owners. Clothes, furniture, paint and other things in the premises are not spared from destruction by mold.

Some of the symptoms associated with mold include allergic reactions, easy infection with common cold and flus as well as sinus infections. There are groups that are especially susceptible to these symptoms. These include pregnant women, infants, children, people with low immunity, allergic people, the elderly and those with respiratory issues. If the mold is toxic, the following symptoms may be experienced: Sinus inflammation, nasal congestion, irritation in the eyes and skin, headaches, breathlessness, fatigue, sore throats, hoarseness, runny nose and coughs. Serious symptoms include bleeding in the lungs and nose, ear inflammation, memory loss, pain as well as swelling of the joints.

Mold removal process in West Wendover, NV.

The first step is usually draining the water. This is so for buildings which have experienced any level of flooding or water logging due to leakages. Any item that has been rendered wet should also be cleared from the building as fast as possible to avoid foul smells and contamination of the property. The faster the response towards this is, the lower the damage to the property.

To prevent further infestation by the mold, the building has to be cleared of any water moisture floating in the air. The building also has to get a proper clean up. Regulation of the humidity levels in the building must be done cautiously. If the level of humidity is 55% or more, a dehumidifier can be used to lower the level of humidity.

Elimination of the dust particles is the next step. Dust is a major media for transferring mold spores. It is therefore important to eliminate any dust present and ensure that more dust is not accumulated in the vicinity. All rooms should be thoroughly cleaned separately during which the room should be completely cut off from the other rooms. A flood this, a fan that is placed near an open window or even a door with access to air on the outside can be used.

This is employed to help in the creation of negative air pressure which causes an elimination of the air which was trapped in the room. It ensures that any mold spores released into the air during the cleanup are eliminated with immediate effect. Before any mold removal process begins, always ensure that you switch off the HVAC system in the building.

The next step involves cleaning the mold. In instances where the mold was in the building for an extended period, it may be too dry to clean up without using water. The aim of the cleanup is to extract most if not all the mold as well as sterilize the building. The adjacent areas should also be cleaned. This should be done whether there is visible mold or not since there may be spores in the air or on the surfaces. The area is then dried in entirety. The area being cleaned may be moistened using water by the professional clean up companies.

The cleanup process, the mold must be properly disposed off. This can be done by collecting all the dirt from the building and depositing it in plastic trash bags. The trash bags are then taken outside the building. Always ensure that you do not drag or move the trash bags over the cleaned area since they may break off and deposit some mold. For proper disposal, the trash bags should be transferred to a landfill site.

Fire Damage in West Wendover, NV.

West Wendover Fire Damage and Restoration

Losses due to fire damage can be totally devastating. The damage can be on both the inside and outside of the property and look to be seemingly impossible to repair. If this describes your situation, don’t give up hope just yet. Call Water Damage West Wendover immediately and we’ll give you a damage assessment and let you know what we can do to help.

We have been serving the residents of West Wendover and its surrounding areas for years. We have the experience and know-how necessary for making repairs to your property in a way that makes it look like new.

We deliver fire damage restoration that includes:

  • Fire Damage Removal
  • Fire Damage Assessments
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Soot & Ash Cleaning
  • Fire Damage Repair

Structural repairs after fire damage is much more than mere aesthetics. It is a safety matter. When structures have been badly damaged they become dangerous to live around. They put yourself and anyone else who visits you at risk. Never risk your well-being by neglecting to properly repair a weak or broken structure. We will assess your situation to see exactly what’s needed to restore the strength and safety you need back to your property.

Of course safety is our number one goal when repairing fire damage. We also understand how important beauty is to a building. Fire damage many times leaves behind a lot of very unsightly spots and stains. We have well-trained technicians who are armed with the latest up-to-date equipment, ready to take care of both fire and water stains. We can get your property looking like it did the day you bought it or when you took it over prior to the damage.

Lastly, we understand how serious odors can be after a fire. The stench of burnt materials has a way of lingering for months after the fire took place, no matter how long you keep doors and windows open. Our professionals have access to the right types of deodorizers that are specifically designed to handle these kinds of smells. They will clear the air up around the damaged places so you can resume living and entertaining guests just like your place is brand new.

FAQs in West Wendover,NV.

How Soon Do I Act If My House Has Been Flooded?
The goal of water damage restoration is to salvage as much of your property as possible. After a West Wendover, water or sewage leak, get in touch with a water damage restoration company right away. Delaying any restorative intervention will lead to mold growth and more damage. Any standing water present especially in areas where electrical appliances and outlets are located is also a safety hazard and must be attended to right away.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Water Damage in West Wendover, NV?
Water damage can lead to a number of problems. It can cause aesthetic issues and decrease the value of your property. It can also create safety issues with the structure of a building, making your home unsafe to live in. Water damage can also promote the growth of mold and mildew which can threaten your family’s health.

What Signs Should I Look For in West Wendover, NV?
Look for stains, dampness, warping of wood or fabric and a sudden change in the appearance of a surface. Edges may be lifted along the corners or surfaces may appear swollen. Floors may buckle and there may be discoloration as well. Be wary of a damp or moldy smell in the room. Rust, cracks, presence of puddles and stagnant water, loose caulking and leaks can also lead to water damage later, so it’s best to perform a thorough inspection.

Water damage can be a challenge to assess, especially if you rely solely on what can be seen readily. Flood, the actual damage is behind or under a surface area that appears dry. If you check behind the walls, cabinet doors or ceilings, you may find evidence of extensive water damage that, if left untreated, can lead to the growth of mold and mildew later.

How Fast Does Mold Develop As a Result of Water Damage in West Wendover, NV?
The rate at which mold develops will depend on certain factors such as room temperature, amount of time the area was exposed to water before evaporation and the immediate environment. In general, however, mold and mildew can develop in just one to two days after exposure to moisture, so it is critical that the water damage restoration company is able to start work on your home as soon as possible. The longer repairs and restorations are put off, the higher the possibility that mold and mildew will grow and the cost of repairs will increase.

How Long Does It Take to Complete Water Damage Restoration Work in West Wendover, NV?
The time it would take to finish restoration work and repairs will depend on the severity of the water damage, so expect cleanup and reconstruction to last from a few days to a few weeks.

What About Flood Insurance in West Wendover, NV ?
Your water damage restoration company may work with most insurance companies but it is best to ask to determine the type of coverage you can benefit from. Restoration companies frequently use the same type of so flood ware that insurance companies use to identify which products and services work best for your needs based on the policy you have.

Some restoration companies may even bill their client’s insurance company directly for most basic repairs covered by their policy. If clients choose upgrades and other services not included in their policy, they do have to pay for these out of pocket. Insurance companies will usually only pay for the cost of restoring your house to its original condition before the damage occurred.

What Do I Look For in a Water Damage Restoration Company in West Wendover, NV?
Other than experience and years in the industry, a restoration company must have technicians that have passed certifications set by industry regulating bodies such as the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) to assure their clients that they have the proper training, knowledge and skills set to manage the work satisfactorily.


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